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Thread: cpanel to plesk

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    cpanel to plesk


    I am considering upgrading from reseller hosting to vps.

    the majority of the vps run on plesk and i notice that plesk has a converter from cpanel to their format.

    if i do change to plesk i have around 20 accounts i would like to transfer, i was wondering whether it is easy to transfer to plesk from cpanel and if anyone has done it?


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    Long time ago I actually tried this but the result wasn't pretty. I don't know about the importers now, but for me it was bit difficult. It will be much easier if you move the accounts manually rather them using the import/export tool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roosevelt
    Long time ago
    It has come a long ways since then. No, it isn't perfect just like cPanel's Plesk migration isn't perfect, but it does work.

    You will want to verify things before you drop your old server though.

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