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    Remote clamav server


    I would like to know if its possible and if someone is using a remote clamav server to check the messages against viruses.

    We are running around 15 servers and all of them have the clamd installed, and we waste time upgrading the software, database and also monitoring many services that are exactly the same one.

    Our idea is to setup a central server that those 15 servers will send the message for checking first.

    We are running cPanel and Exim on those 15 servers.

    We have implemented remote spamassassin checking this week and its working like a charm.

    Thank you.
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    Since clamav supports connections via TCP (see TCPSocket option), it should work remotely. You may need to tweak clamdscan a bit. But then again, keeping clamav up to date on many machines isn't such a big deal either with some scripts and SSH.
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