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    Lightbulb Incremental, Historical Home Directory Backups?


    Looking for a little advice for backup of a WHM/CPanel box:

    What would be the best method of implementing the below using a method which is reliable, efficient and secure?

    Full weekly backup of all data
    Daily incremental home/user backups with history i.e. only changed data

    I see it in my head as looking like this on the remote server:

    Full Backup:
    Server/Full Backup/

    Incremental Backup:

    I currently have rdiff running the main full backup. Now looking for a way to add the incremental stuff.

    I was told early on to steer clear of the cPanel backup tool... By the way the backup server is a remote server.

    Thanks in advance for any hints!

    Terry Thorpe

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    Try backuppc to do exactly what you want. Or, rsnapshot which will do pretty much the same thing but with less script and web interface.

    The incremental thing works with rsync & hardlinks - it'll only ever perform incremental backups (so you don't need the weekly full) but you will view each day's backups as if it were a full one. Its rather good.

    Another alternative (which I use) is systemimager. A bit of a nuisance to get installed, but it creates a full image of your server (via rsync so you can incremetally keep it up to date) which you can restore to bare metal.
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    Look at fsbackup - file system backup and synchronization utility.

    It's an incremental backup creation utility. fsbackup support backup compression and encryption. Backup can be stored on local file system and on remote host stored over SSH or FTP. Some addition scripts allow backups SQL tables from PostgreSQL and MySQL, save system configuration files and list of installed packages.

    We are using fsbackup for our servers during 2 years. It's very powerful and flexible backup tool.

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