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    Subdomain Problem PLEASE HELP!!

    Hello i have WHMCS and i have it setup to make free accounts with my main domain so when a client signs up they can pick any name E.G all works and it makes the account but the sub domain still goes to the main domain i have been told its something to do with dns but im not sure please help.

    If you can help with this you can have a free hosting account with a free .info domain name
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    I don't think it is DNS. Sounds like Apache conf is not correct. Try to see what folder the subdomains point to in the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file. Sounds like all the sub-domains are pointing to the same folder.
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    Well i dont want to have to change that file every time i see sites with cpanel and you can signup free with there sub domain. like a said it creates the account fine just the sub domain still goes to the main domain
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