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    /etc/hosts and /etc/rc.conf

    What should my hosts and rc.conf hostname contain? I don't do my own DNS, I use godaddys parked servers + total dns control. I only have 1 box at my host layaredtech - so there are no other computers on the networks that I need to resolve locally with the hosts file. I used bk1 as my host name because thats what I call my server. Is this ok?

    This is what my hosts file contains

    ::1 localhost.localdomain localhost localhost.localdomain localdomain

    and this is rc.conf


    Is this ok? All of the domains hosted on my box are virtual.

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    Those are just fine. You might want to change the hostname in /etc/hosts to reflect your own system hostname though. Additionally, you may need to add some lines into your rc.conf for your ip addresses. I know I had to do that for my additional ip addresses on freebsd 6.1.

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