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    It's just one of those days...

    I recently completed a project for a client.

    Payment was received, work was considered complete by both myself and the purchaser, and as far as I was concerned, I put it into my portfolio and called it good.

    One week later, I completed some other work for the client, finished it, and the client asked if he could pay at a later date. I agreed, as he was friendly before hand and I really didn't have a problem, he was trustworthy.

    However, today the client came to me and told me that the script wasn't working. I give it a look, and from all spectrums I can see the script is operating just as it should. He complains that it lags, and fails to do it's specified task. So, I suggest that it's possibly his hosting, to which he replies that there's no possible way.

    Ok, perhaps the script does have a problem. I upload it to my private hosting and start testing. Again, the script does just what it should be doing, no errors occur, and there is no lag.

    So I restate my question that the hosting might be a problem, and that the client should direct traffic to my site in order to see if it occurs on my page, to which he flat out again refuses to, stating "it will take too much time".

    Now, he's refusing to complete payment on the second project citing that the first one is incomplete. I've ran testing on both hosts, I've sent the code off to other respectable freelancers I know and they see no problem with it, I've looked all possible statistics. If the code has a problem with it, I would love to fix it, but if it doesn't, why fix something that isn't broken?

    99.5% of the time, clients I've worked with are enjoyable, friendly, and fun to be around, but there seems to always be the one who never can admit fault on his side.

    I guess my reasoning for this rant is just to ask if anyone else has had clientele like this, and if so, how would you handle the situation?

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    I don't think there's much else you can do. Just sounds like an annoying customer, that all company's fill have some time along the line, sadly enough.

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    Well, it can't have all your clients nice and co-operative.
    In the future, it would be wise if you get a contract signed by both sides with part of the money paid upfront
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    Normally I do, as most of my work is local.

    However in this special case I decided to give online work a try, and it appears to me that I'll continue to stick to local work.

    Thankfully, as long as PayPal holds true to it's statements on intangible goods within its Buyer Complaint Policy, a chargeback will not be a concern.

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