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    * [NL] EuroVPS: 384MB 15GB 300GB from 24.97 EUR with cPanel/Plesk- Dell PowerEdge 6850

    Legendary EuroVPS quality

    This offer, is powered by new Intel XEON MP Dell PowerEdge 6850 servers, & Seagate Cheetah 15K.4 Ultra320 SCSI disks, in RAID 10.


    * Instant-on activation, no waiting. Server up in 2 minutes after payment anytime of the day or night.

    * Established company & technical team with extensive experience in server administration, as well as VPS hosting.

    * RIPE NCC Member.

    * SWsoft Platinum Partner

    * HSPcomplete / PEM / Exchange 2003 Mail Hosting / Virtuozzo / Plesk 8.1 / Plesk Expand / We provide total solutions to any problem

    * We own all our hardware & networking equipment outright, no leasing.

    * Free data migration from your existing hosting arrangement by technical staff

    * 24/7 Support

    * Reliable services with easy, instant, upgrade path, upgrade through your customer control panel instantly, anytime

    * Enterprise class 4/way servers with DDR ECC RAM

    * Network protected by redundant Cisco 535 pair / Redundant Cisco 2950

    * SCSI Ultra320 RAID Storage powered by Seagate Cheetah 15K.4, with daily backups

    * Our Servers in two datacenters in Amsterdam, multiple orders can be split among different DC's for site redundancy

    * Our staff physically located in datacenter 24/7


    1. Use this link to search Google:

    2. Use this link to search WHT:

    3. Use this email to ask any questions: mailto: sales {*at*}

    Payments accepted:

    * PayPal
    * Visa
    * Mastercard
    * Bank Transfer (semi-annual, annual payments only)
    * E-Gold (annual payments only)
    * MoneyBookers (annual payments only)

    Trial periods can be provided to potential customers interested in purchasing services, who have experienced downtime with other providers. Trial periods cannot be provided, unless you have experienced downtime, with some other VPS provider. Trial periods in such a case are 7 days. Contact Sales to apply for this.

    This sale applies to cPanel & Plesk Linux based servers.

    VPS 250 / 384MB RAM / 768MB BURST / 15GB DISK / 300GB TRANSFERMonthly Rate: 39.96 EUR
    Quarterly Rate: 37.46 EUR
    Semi-Annual Rate: 34.96
    Annual Rate: 24.97

    VPS 450 / 512MB RAM / 1024MB BURST / 20GB DISK / 450GB TRANSFERMonthly Rate: 55.96 EUR
    Quarterly Rate: 52.46 EUR
    Semi-Annual Rate: 48.96
    Annual Rate: 34.97

    VPS 650 / 768MB RAM / 1536MB BURST / 25GB DISK / 650GB TRANSFERMonthly Rate: 71.96 EUR
    Quarterly Rate: 67.46 EUR
    Semi-Annual Rate: 62.96
    Annual Rate: 44.97

    VPS 850 / 1024MB RAM / 2048MB BURST / 30GB DISK / 850GB TRANSFERMonthly Rate: 103.96 EUR
    Quarterly Rate: 97.46 EUR
    Semi-Annual Rate: 90.96
    Annual Rate: 64.97

    Customers can choose Plesk or cPanel.

    More information can be found here;

    Plesk Servers

    cPanel Servers

    Webhost Magazine Editor's Choice July 2006

    EuroVPS - Sales

    mailto: sales {*at*}
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