I received from My German VoIP-Provider SIPGATE.de 5 Coupon with 333 Minutes to the German Fixed Network (Festnetz on German) when you open there a free VoIP-Account (SIPGate Basic). You will receive with it a German Calling-Number from a Block (0180...) for People outside of Germany OR a German-Calling-Number from your Area when you are from Germany itself. You dont need to open a Subscription but you can, they have a Flaterate-Offer (9 Euro per Month you can call to Germany and 14 other European Countrys) who's very Interessting. When you want to buy Minutes or use the Flaterate-Offer dont worry they accept every good Creditcard (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) but NO PayPal.

SIPGate.de is one when not the best VoIP-Service in Germany who provide many many included Service even in the free Account like Voicemail, Online-Log of Calls, Receive and Send-out SMS with SIPGate-Number, etc.

I dont need this Coupon so the first 5 People who answer (+ PN Me there E-Mail-Adress so that I can send Coupon as PDF) to this Treat can have one of this Coupon. This is My little Thanks to WHT for all the Help and Infomation I found here.

PS: No I dont work for SIPGate.de.
PSS: WHT-Mods, please move Treat when it its not in the correct Area.