I am looking for something similar to The Web Hosting Show. It will be a podcast but also have the ability for users to listen to it on their website via a flash player.

I have an ASP guy / MSSQL if needed for any work but mainly looking for the flash part. I know this might be pretty simple, using the action acripting, etc but I'll need someone to change one of the flash players accordingly

Email me at crbryant at loudworx . com for for more information, possible costs, some examples of previous work, etc.

We might even expand it to some video as well later - I have been asked to help out with some video tutorials so we are thinking of doing something similar.

I can have the programmer create a page to upload the MP3 and create the RSS. The player should be able to read from the RSS feed. Maybe even have the calendar in there as well? Let's think about it.

But once again, Email me. I like WHT but don't make me keep coming to this forum to answer a private.