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    Need dedicated server YESTERDAY

    Another victim here...

    I've been with them for 2 years now. The hard drive failed in my dedicated server and the support has been a nightmare. They cannot follow the simplest of instructions and I'm SICK of them.

    I was trying to work with them but I'm done.

    My problem: I've been down since Monday and this is business critical. My job is depending on resolving this over the weekend...

    My needs:
    *nix based system.
    Plesk (currently with them) or CPanel (I hear it's good)
    3Ghz Processor (min)
    1GB RAM
    100GB Hard Drive (min)
    1T Transfer minimum
    Preferebly a 100MBs link but 10MB is okay.
    Need uptime guarantee.

    Around ~$150/mo, and I need this server up TODAY because I have a MASSIVE large of data to upload (50GB).

    Are any of you offering or can point me to someone? ev1servers/The Planet is telling me up to 72 hours to get it set up..I'm hoping for "instant activation" here.


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    try softlayer. they should be able to get it up and running within 2-3 hours.
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    EV1 seem to be instant activate.
    You should look at the offer forums,hosting require and offer no allow here



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    I called EV1, they say "due to new provisioning procedures we no longer offer instant activation".

    I apologize for the mispost, could a mod please move thread? Thanks!

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    96 has instant activation. But the servers come without a control panel (besides the control center used for recovery, reboots and so on) so you will have to install this yourself.

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    I've had a server from in the past and the server was setup very quickly.

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    418 is very good... If Travis or Eric is online, they should be able to get your server up very fast if you just explain your situation to them... Else softlayer would be a good bet as well...
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    Go with Softlayer in a case like this.

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    I would also recommend softlayer.. They are extremely knowledgeable and can set things up quickly

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    Softlayer are amazing I have a lot of servers with them and so do a lot of my clients and they really are amazing. The only problem people complain about is network but I can tell you I have never had a problem with the network
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    I would reccomend SoftLayer, i guess you can find something around your budget.
    Server should be up in less than 4 hours unless you ask for special recuirments (Partitioning and such stuff)


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