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    VPS Reseller Programs

    apart from DEHE and SolidHost are there any other vps reseller programs?

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    Yes..of course. Jodohost has one..although I'm not sure if it is virtuozzo..or freevps as it used to be when I was with them.

    Also... has one as well. My only advice with this host is: Make sure you get all your agreements in writing. I didn't...and regretted it.

    The interesting thing about HHH is these are Sphera VPS's...very differrent than Virtuozzo. I would advise you to buy one of the smaller plans first..they are quite neat, IMHO.

    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    thanks any one else know of any others

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    We are indeed known for the reseller program as it's something we put quite a lot of effort in, but I'm quite sure just about any other VPS host also offers their products to you as a reseller with a certain amount of discount. Best way to go is probably to pick the host you like best and contact their sales department and see what they have to offer.

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