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    A website, is charging my PayPal Account!

    There is a website which charges my PayPal Account without my knowledge or my permission! It's not listed in the preapproved payments! How can this happen? Is there someone got my PayPal Account info? Or there is something else I should look at it in PayPal?

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    Phone paypal and ask them, that’s your best option at the moment.
    I doubt you will get your money back either knowing paypal!!
    I have lost a lot through them and they don’t seem to care, probably because they receive their fees and that’s it!

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    You might want to report directly to PayPal. They should be able to assist you on this.
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    1. Make sure that these are actually being charged to your account - if you got an email for a payment you didn't authorize, don't click the links in that email. Instead, go to the PayPal website, log in, and see if the payment appears in your History. If not, the email was probably an attempt to "spoof" you and get your password.

    2. If the payment does appear in your PayPal account, take note of the type of payment. Is it a Subscription payment? If so, there will be a link at the top of the transaction Details page, saying "in reference to..." and that will take you to the original Subscription information. If it's a Preapproved Payment, the company should appear in the list of "Preapproved Payments" in your Profile.

    3. If it's not a Subscription or a Preapproved Payment, could this payment be related to an order you made recently? Some merchants will first create an "Authorization" or an "Order" in your account, and then will capture the payment at a later date. If you look in your History, do you see a prior Authorization or Order for the same company? This does not mean you have been double-charged; it just means that the payment was completed in 2 different steps.

    4. If none of these explain the transaction, contact PayPal to report an unauthorized payment. You can report this through the Resolution Center or try calling the customer service center for more information on the specific transaction.
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    Thanks you, especially paypalrd for the detailed info. Are you working with PayPal?

    I'll give PayPal a call and see what's going on

    Again, thanks gentelmen

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    Quote Originally Posted by moh2004
    Are you working with PayPal?
    I would think she is considering her handle and her signature. I would have called or emailed Paypal or tried to do a stop payment on it just in case you accidentally were phished

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