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    Resellerzoom, failover servers

    does anyone has any experience about resellerzoom failover plans? how are they?

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    Try looking around the forum I am sure you can pull up some useful information regarding their failover plans. Also try to google them for reviews on other sites. You may also want to check out
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    Thanks HostFrog. I have already tried a search. Didn't find any useful information. So started a new thread.

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    I think that this servers are so new so not many have any experience yet.

    As they did not migrate old customers automatic only the new will be using it.


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    i'm hosted for 11Month with them
    i haven''t any problem ,
    have 1 hours down time in the 256 past day!

    Great Support

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    Q.Sin, I am referring to their new failover plans and not about their service in general. Failover is available since last 2-3 months only.

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    I'm on R2 (I assume their second failover server). I know for a fact that there was an issue on R1 (probably the 1st failover server). Generally, the "proof of concept" will probably take some time.

    Unless there's a failure on one of the 2 machines running R2, I won't be able to tell you how effective the implementation of the concept is.

    I've been using them for over a year (1 Advanced-One, 1 Budget-One, 1 Failover-One) and I'm very happy with ResellerZoom. I've had issues with them but they've always been very responsive, helpful, and courteous.

    What I like is that their forum is open, honest, and well-moderated. You see both the good and the bad.

    Right now, it's too early too tell how Failover will perform. You may want to check back again in about 3 months.

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    You can find some sounds about ResellerZoom

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