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Thread: Slow email

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    Slow email

    I am having some problems with email being sent extremely slow on one of my servers. Here is what is happening:

    If I send an email through neomail, it can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to actually get sent to the recipient. (Neomail says that it has been sent, but the recipient doesn't recieve it for ~15 mins).

    It also happens on incoming mail. If an email is sent in to my address, the sender shows it as sent, but it won't show up in my inbox for 10-15 minutes.

    It is not always the same amount of time either, sometimes it shows up right away, and other times it takes a while.

    I've checked the mail queue, and there are only 140 messages in it, which does not seem like too many.

    The wierd thing is, there are no error messages or anything! This is getting very confusing! If any of you know what might be going on here, please let me know!


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    It can be:
    1. identd
    2. reverse dns

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    yeee... check out dns settings... is DNS server responding fast enough?

    what is the server load? What SMTP you are using?

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