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    Forum Poster Required

    Forum Poster Required

    Forum Posters urgently required

    We are looking for writers on many different topics of web development. You must complete at least 5-10 posts a week and these should contain at least 50 words (on avg.) Obviously if you can post more than this you will earn more money!

    E-mail me with your details of any previous writing experience, age and any special interests etc.

    We can then discuss the payment levels. if you have limited experience to begin with you can quickly increase your earnings with quaility posts.

    We pay via paypal once a week.

    Contact : [email protected] or PM me.

    Forum :

    MSN : [email protected]


    Zafar Ahmed
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    I'm Zafar Ahmed.
    I provide
    SEO Services & eMarketing consultancy
    I'll be glad to hear from you

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    I am interested in this position and will email you via PM

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    Good Afternoon,

    I understand that as a forum owner you require reliability, cost effectiveness and quality in your forum posts, and as the owner of a posting service which holds those traits, I'd be absolutely delighted to discuss a solution that is ideal for you and your forum.

    We're based in Sydney, Australia and along side practicing English as a first language every day, we hold a few English related certifications you may be interested in checking out.

    I personally hold five years experience with forum management and a healthy six years experience with forum posting.

    Our packages start at a measly $5.00.

    Feel absolutely free to shoot me over a PM if you're interested in having a talk, and we'll see what we can come up with eh?

    Until then, enjoy your day,

    Most Kindest Regards,
    Justin J. Khoury

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