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    Reseller Hosting - Starting out questions

    I'd like to do this on a small scale, mostly selling (or renting) webhosting and domain name finding/setup to others by word of mouth.

    I already have two people that want a website. One already has a domain name parked somewhere, the other is still trying to decide on a ".com" name.

    I currently have a plan for my own site with reseller option. How does this work if I decide I want to host these two along my webspace form my own domain?

    I want to "offer" them web hosting and domain registration service. Is there a way to put a sort of shopping cart (with a domain name lookup) on my website where they can order and be billed online via credit card/paypal?

    Is there a piece of software that I can add to my website to do this? IS this on my CPanel WHM?

    I want to automate some processes so I don't have to charge them every month for a check.

    Anyone have experience, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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    You need to have a reseller package, and then you should get a billing script, examples are Clientexec , WHMAutopilot etc. Then you can have them order through that and it will be automated, It does require some intial setup though.

    Good Luck.
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    I am using their software. It pretty much does all you are asking for. You can even get it a discount price. I bought mine from one of their reseller.

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    Take a search through the hosting software forums... Modernbill is probably the most favored billing system out there.

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    Sounds like you want something that is pretty much set on autopilot. I would suggest , they offer the whole package. Everything, including the automatic billing system, the tech support for your clients, and even end user slaes/billing support for your clients.

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