Hello There,

My name is Dalip Jaggi, I知 19 years old and I live in Mission Viejo, California. I知 still in school, however after hours I can provide sufficient support still for your customers on a daily basis.

Let me explain a bit of what I can do, At this point I知 not a full linux technician. Even though, I know most commands and how to move around and solve problems, I still have a lot to learn. This is one reason, why I知 offering myself to companies for experience in the industry. In addition, I have been working with cPanel/WHM for quite sometime, 3 years to be exact. Summarize, I offer limited linux and cPanel support, however most likely your clients will have those 組eneric questions which I can help them with.

I知 also working on getting my A+ Certification and that will be added as a nice point in my resume aswell.

All in all, I知 a great Support Helper and a limited Linux/cPanel Technician (Limited Knowledge) However, I will definitely try to index the solution if I do not know the exact solution for the customer. I知 all about customer satisfaction and when a job is pointed to me, I address it with my full attention and knowledge.

キ Working knowledge of the following:
Windows XP, 2000, 2003
CentOS, Fedora, Debian & FreeBSD (Ubuntu Pending)
Server Hardware (i.e. RAID)

キ Familiarity with the following:
Network Infrastructure (ie. Routers, Switches, VPN)
Telecommunications (i.e. PBX, VOIP)
Wireless Communication Technologies
Binary Numbers
Linux Level 2 Technician


(1) Hosting Company Support Helper
+ Managing Incoming Client Emails
+ Ticket System (MAX of 25, That I would address)
+ Level 2 Technician (Linux/cPanel/WHM)

(2) Hosting Company Primary Support Helper
+ Managing Incoming Client Emails
+ Ticket System (MAX of 50, That I would address)
+ Level 2 Technician (Linux/cPanel/WHM)

(3) cPanel/WHM Security Harden
+ Full All Around Set Up
+ Maximized Security
+ Tweaked Settings
+ One Time Fee
$25/Per Additional Server

Thank you,
Dalip Jaggi