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    Cron jobs quit running

    Something happened on Dec 5th, that i dont know what though, but all my scripts in the /etc/cron.daily stopped running.

    And also the cPanel backups quit running on this day to. Just wondering how i get that going again. Thanks

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    Found a guide online that suggested service crond restart.

    This was the output the first time i ran it.

    crond: can't lock /var/run/, otherpid may be 3484: Resource temporarily unavailable

    So i stopped it first, then restarted. Does anyone know if this will fix it, or should i wait and see?


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    You could create a cron in your personal crontab and see if that runs. It might be a decent indicator.

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    That didnt help, nor did adding one to the crontab help either??

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    Do you see any errors in /var/log/messages or /var/log/cron?

    Things don't break without a change being introduced. What did you change recently? Is this RHEL? up2date? Something new installed? Security hardening? Anything?

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    After you stop crond do you see it in your process list?

    Stop crond and try: ps aux | grep -i crond

    If you still see it there then kill it and start crond again.

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