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    cabinet special at Colo4-Dallas

    Colo4-Dallas is pleased to announce new pricing aimed at helping webhosting companies improve margins. Many of our competitors in Dallas have abandoned the 24/7 tech support, which has forced many webhosting companies to no longer have true 24/7 support. They will tell you they have techs on call that can be there in minutes, but they live 30 minutes from the site. Ask what a simple power cycle costs at 2am. At Colo4-Dallas, the cost is $0. And with a tech at the facility, it is done in minutes increasing the level of service to your customers. This is good for our customers, bad for their competitors in other facilities. Our new cabinet pricing makes it even worse for their competitors. Which do you want to be?

    Through July 31st, 2002, our cabinets will be $700 for one, $1200 for two and $1500 for three. Each cabinet includes 20 amps of AC or DC power and 2 non-fiber cross-connects. Ethernet cross-connects between the customer’s own cabinets are a one-time fee of $100, or they can use them as the free cross-connect. The total install for the cabinet, power and cross-connects is $0. Any customer signing up will have this pricing schedule for the entire length of their contract for additional cabinets. This pricing is also available to existing customers needing additional cabinets. Each cabinet also includes up to 2 hours tech services to help you install your equipment.

    As always, if you refer another customer to Colo4-Dallas, all cross-connects between you and the customer you refer are done at no monthly fee. Install of time plus materials will apply.

    Pictures of these cabinets are on the under services. New pictures will be posted soon. They have 84” of usable rack space (48U) with front and rear adjustable rails.

    Colo4-Dallas does not sell bandwidth, we help our customers get to providers cost effectively. We are not agents of any carriers. We help you get to the carrier that is best for you, not the one that gives us the biggest kick back. Available carriers are listed on the website. If you don't see the carrier you need, we will work with you to get them in the site.

    Paul VanMeter
    [email protected]
    214-630-3100 x 21

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    Just out of interest what would be the advantage of using you directly over using one of your customers?

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    We don't compete with our customers. Most of them offer additional services like bandwidth and equipment with our space. We only sell the space and help customers get connected to providers. We forward all prospects needing a packaged deal from a single source to our customers. They appreciate that. If a prospect needs a full 100Mbps ethernet from Cogent and a cabinet, most of our customers refer them to us and recieve a commission. Or, they may resell a cabinet to you. It is up to them. If we get a prospect that wants to locate a 1U server with a 1 meg connection, we are going to forward that request to one of our customers.

    It doesnt matter to us whether you are in our site with us directly, or with one of our customers. It only matters that you are in our site.
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    These guys provide great services at an awesome price. Paul is a great guy who takes of your needs and sends you any business that he can. If you need colo space, this is the place!


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    Very nice, I have only heard great things about the operation you have down there.
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    Yes, nice deal.

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    You are a desperate little person arent you acutehost. Look at the date on the post. 6-24-02.

    Colo4-Dallas is not an agent of espire. Before I started Colo4-Dallas I was part owner in a company that was an agent of espire. I have not sold a nickel of services for any carrier since I started Colo4. We are in talks with several carriers about being agents, but have not signed any agreement with espire, XMC, or any others. If we do an agreement we will let customers and prospects know that we are getting paid for them buying services.

    I am in talks with XMC and have talked to them with a trust that they would not talk to others about our conversations. It appears that a rep also told you, or someone you talk to, about these conversations breaking that trust. This is a disappointment, but not as big as the disappointment that you not only broke their trust, you posted what they told you in a public forum. I am sure that rep wont make the same mistake again. Your carelessness with that information could cost them their job.

    Now, back to you. You still havent admitted you lied about the cabinets. Instead you choose to attack the one that caught you lying.

    Acutehost, dont quit your day job.
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