I just finished a new design for the website and I am in the process of designing the forum skin, but I have ad space for plenty of text links and banners ready on the home page, and the forum.

Text Links:
Text links are available on the home page under "CRX-SI Sponsors". The text link can be up to 30 characters long. If you want a 2 line text link it will be $1/month more.
30 character text link = $2.00/month or $5.00 for 3 months
60 character text link (2 lines)= $3.00/month or $8.00 for 3 months

Text links in the forum:
Text links in the forum will be placed under "Links" on the left. Each link must be no more then 17 characters long.

17 character text link in forum = $2.00/month or $5.00 for 3 months
30 character text link (2 lines) = $3.00/month or $8.00 for 3 months

Banner Ads:
Banner ad space is also available in the footer of the page. Your 468x60 banner ad will be placed in the footer of the home page, and if you have an 88x31 button ad it will be placed under the "CRX-SI News" section. Each banner ad will be placed for 1 month in rotation no with no more then 6 other banners. 88x31 buttons are displayed 24x7 with no rotation.

468x60 banner in the footer = $3.00/month or $8.00 for 3 months
88x30 banner under CRX-SI News = $3.50/month or $9.00 for 3 months

The site is a couple of months old and has been picking up traffic rapidly. I recently purchased a program to increase PR, and has tools to optimize it for SEO. I did all it said, so hopefully the PR will go up soon, but right now it is a PR2.
In the month of November it received the following traffic:
Unique Vistors: 447
Hits: 47,800
So far this month, as of today, there has been 120 unique visitors, so we are on track for increasing traffic again this month.

Payments must be made through PayPal. When you make your payment, please include in the notes section, the followingf info:

Email Address:
Ad Required: (text link, 468 banner, 88 banner)
Duration: (1 month or 3 months)
Text link Text: (If applicable)
Banner ad image link: (If applicable)
Url the link should direct to:

Link Exchange:
I am also looking for others with car sites that would be interested in a link exchange. I prefer to link up with website about cars of any kind, and any auto clubs. I will place your link in my link directory, and you please mine in yours . If your interested, please contact me.

Contact :
If you would like more information about the ad space, please feel free to email me at admin @ eqwebhost.com, or PM me here.