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    anyone here have datacenters in the Washington, DC metro area?

    Looking for a job near by
    I have knowlege in

    Windows NT
    Windows 2000 Adv Server
    Linux (redhat)
    Cobalt RaQ 3/4i
    General networking
    Network security

    Please email or pm me!

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    Leesburg, VA
    If you are really good with NT, look at:

    Superb internet ( also has a data center in DC -- last I saw they were hiring as well (looking for a rackem guy).

    Again, if you have an interest in working on a large NT web farm, you may want to contact AnnuityNet, they have more money than sense right now, but a job is a job.

    Freddiemac just picked up an old Exodus data center and probably need some help there.

    Atlantech Online ( is also hiring as well.

    These should get you started.

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