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    difference between xeon and dual core


    What are the diffrences between xeon server and dual core server? If you have any comments, please share with me.,

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    Xeon is intels enterprise level server chip. "dual core" - dual core can be found in xeons as well as desktop chips such as the core 2 duo and pentium d. There are now dual core xeon chips as well. Dual core is simply put, 1 cpu that functions as two. Before this technology was avaliable you would need two physical chips, but now you could do it with just one.

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    Intel Xeon CPU's come in both varieties: single and dual-core. A dual-core CPU means that there are two CPU cores on one single CPU. You gain a performance benefit of anywhere from 0% to 80% depending on if the applications you're using know how to use multiple CPU cores.

    To give you a real-world example:

    I have two servers (one old, one new). The old server has Dual Intel Xeon 3.2 Ghz (single core). The new server has Dual Intel Xeon 3.0 Ghz (dual-core) CPU's. Both had 8GB of RAM.

    The old server had a load of 20 at the high points in the day. It couldn't handle the demand hitting it. The new server, which processes the exact same data, has a load of 1.2 at the high points in the day.

    If you want more CPU power, you want a dual-core system (if not a dual CPU dual-core system). If you want something that costs less, you need to go with single core systems (such as a single-core Xeon).

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