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    How much would you estimate of costs?


    I've been somewhat asking questions all over about different areas. But I wanted to ask a simple question, and kinda of give me a rundown on why of the cost.

    "How Much does a website usally cost", how much would you say, or, or, or cost to make?

    Website Prices seem to vary ALOT. some people can do it for $2,000 and some can do it for $200,000.

    why is it such a big gap in prices?


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    It depends on the time it takes to build the site and what kind of features you require - how much flash work, PHP, perl all these things add up.

    A basic html site will cost a fraction of a full featured dynamic, flash site. There are too many points in the equasion.

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    an average tends to be at around $50-$75 an hour, though when it comes to places like Pixelbrick they can use a certain amount of prestige to add a bit to their quotes. They're also in pretty high demand I feel which would add to the price.

    Web design is a very subjective job. Some things take a lot longer to do than others, both in coding a site, as well as building the graphics. While it seems a lot of places pull a number out of a hat, usually there's a method to the madness. You get a feel for the job so often can quote a flat rate and be pretty well spot on, short of the odd quirk that shows up during the build.

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    We charge on a per job basis.
    If a client wants a basic HTML site we charge the hourly rate for HTML which is low. If the client wants something that requires us to hand code PHP the hourly rate of PHP is added to the total, which is higher than standard HTML.

    Overall we keep track of the amount of hours it takes to design the final design, and work out the total that way.

    Hope that makes sence.
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    We charge per job as oppose to per hour, this is due to the fact our designers are unlikely to work on a project solid for 1 hour. they will most likely dot between things, therefore the client would be paying for 1 hour of work which they aren't getting. Where as, if we charge per job we can do a bit then leave it and come back to it and still have the job done on time but not charge the client for work they are not getting.
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    Join with and put out an ad. Thats how we got our site done... Only $300

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    "an average tends to be at around $50-$75 an hour"

    This is an average from freelancers.

    Most companies charge $75 to $100 for basic design, as much as $100 per second for flash animations ($3,000 for a 30 second flash demo). Programming (HTML is not programming) from companies can range from $75 to $150 per hour.
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