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    Amazing Domain, Great Site, eNom Account + More


    I just had this website developed and do not think I will have time to run it.

    The domain alone is spectacular. It is a prime 4 letter domain that is perfect for a domain registrar has a custom design integrated with a very powerful script that uses enoms api (or other reseller of your choice). Now is the perfect time to start and run your own domain registrar and host.

    What is included:
    Everything seeon on
    The domain
    eNom 6.95 resellers account

    This is a brand new site so it has no revenue or traffic. Also some pages are empty because I am leaving it up to new owner to enter certain things like TOS, policies and plans but I will be available for assistance after the sale

    NOTE: I actually prefer to sell this website without the domain. I can transfer the website to your own domain or find another one for you. This would also reduce the price...Accepting offers

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    This suppose to be a AWBS as backend? Do you include the licenses?
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    Yes it AWBS and owned license is included (domain + hosting)

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    can you explain what awbs is?

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    DO you have a BIN? A price range at least?... with and without the domain name.

    Host, YES!
    Reselling? Partner for profit instead!

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    Price Range - $1,000-$1500 without domain
    $1500-2000 with domain

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    Is the design custom, or came with the software? Which version of AWBS did you purchase (retail cost?) Does the enom account have any funds, and who is the ETP?

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    The design is completely custom. I have the latest version of AWBS, the one that includes both domains and hosting. eNom account does not have any funds in it. The ETP is a member who is directly under enom. He is very reliable and respectable and he has accounts on most forums, including this one (i think thats where I purchased the account)

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    You need to:
    • If this is an action, clearly post an end date and time expressed in GMT.
    • State accepted payment methods.
    • If an auction is not exclusive to WHT, you must display the URL(s) within the thread. (I know this is posted at DNF and SP also, not sure where else)

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    Sorry I didn't know. I had it listed on DNF and the SP auction ends in a few hours but It is not getting much activity there because of f*cked up moderators. I accept paypal, check, money order, escrow, etc... This is not an auction here. I am just accepting offers


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    Still available

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