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    how to configure apache to do multi threaded downloads

    I wonder how to you configure a server or what programs do i need
    to allow my files on my server to be able to download with softwares like getright
    in multi parts at the same time (accerated downloads)?

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    if you looking for a third part tool, may be you must use mget.

    You can check out other ftp/download tools as well at

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    no i not looking for download tool..
    i looking for a way to set up my server
    so that downloads tools can multi thread the big files
    current using a download tools with other server it split the file but not the server i one to set up

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    Well thats interesting...

    Interesting because I am doing the exact opposite and trying to figure out the best way to STOP apache being FLOODED by download managers that request huge amounts of concurrent connections!

    A few options come to mind: blocking ports, apache mod, php scripts... If anyone has any ideas how to STOP download managers in an efficient manner, please let me know...

    (of course the assumption here is that you are using a server with apache!)
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