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    WEb Hosting - No Limit SMTP Usage

    Does anyone have a list of web hosts that don't have a limit on the number of emails one can send. A lot seem to have 300-500 per hour limits. I run a 20,000 user database. Thanks!

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    My advice-
    either buy a dedicated server or make a small script to send the email in batches, eg 100 every 10 minutes which runes by cron.

    If you have a user db as large as that I would be looking at the dedicated server option.

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    I've already got a dedicated server running windows 2003 but no ide a how to set it up. Would you know how if I gave you access to it?

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    Actually, I think your best bet would be to outsource the list-sending to a firm that does that and only that. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with spam lists, RBLs, and the like.

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    Agreed - ConstantContact(.com) seems to offer a pretty good service (no personal experience though, only based on their website).
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