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Thread: .NET Framework

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    Question .NET Framework


    I run a leased server that hosts all my own sites and also some for friends and Clients.

    I want to deploy the .NET Framework and it's very tempting to just run Windows Update and let it install. However, what do I need to know before I do this in terms of security holes that it exposes, and are there any definite actions I should take post-install that people who have done it would recommend?

    I'm thinking of things like the .hta script mapping that you'd normally remove for ASP sites, any any other "catches" like this.

    While I "know" most of the people hosting on the box, I'd still want the same level of security that I would were I a hosting company hosting virtual server plans for Clients.

    Can anyone advise?


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    Lol, just let it wait a few more months until all bugs are solved when you really want to be secure...

    It will always stay Microsoft where you're dealing with, and they don't have a very good name about security...
    Leon Mergen
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    I've waited a while now and nothing seems to be surfacing. But I still want to be sure it's safe

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    .NET framework is fine. Get the redistributable from it's very straightforward.

    Be sure you have applied all the latest patches etc to Win2k and IIS5 before you do the install.
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