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    What do you think of this registrar?

    I'm thinking of going with this domain name registrar:

    They are $4.95 a year which is quite cheap. However, I don't want to go for something so cheap that would end up a lot of trouble. What do people think of this domain name host?

    Or if people have a better suggestion to go for, please let me know. Also, if I wanted URL forwarding from a registrar (from an old site to a new), do you know which registrars do this?


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    Selling under cost (costs $6.00 to registry and 25 cents to icann) so normally things like this ring some sort of warning bells in my mind. No personal experience though, could be a legit no strings attached loss leader, but I would read fine print ver carefully and try searching here for people that have used it and what their opinion was.
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    * Pricing is $4.95 for first year. Domain will renew at $9.95 per year thereafter. Limit five $4.95 domain names per customer.

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