Yup thats right, my mate needs your help. Incase it sways you in any way, he was a throroughly genius usher at the wedding

Anyway, to the point. Friend to all, Matt is up for the chance of his life (am i over selling it here ) as a radio DJ in a competition you may have heard of called the face for radio. Anyway, he's through to the final, and in true X-Factor style, its down to a text vote.

Now, he's currently in second plave behind that most evil of foe, a good looking student female type, yup the arch enemy of slightly podgy ginger types

So, i call on all my fellow WHT'ers to help out mattie with a little text.

I wouldn't expect you to vote without seeing his work, so check out http://www.myspace.com/corefacematt or http://www.corefreshhits.com/win/art...b-79538691b800

Texts cost 10p (no idea what texts cost abroad) and the money is all going to charity.

Go on, you know you want to....