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    Hivelocity - Review from a 2 year customer

    My experience with Hivelocity is mixed. In the beginning they saved me from a nightmare ordeal with a previous host. I was so happy with them that I would just pay 6 months at a time because I had no desire to leave and was with them for a couple of years.

    As its well documented here, there were several big network downtime issues (like the fire) and my customers got pretty ticked off at me. Then a couple of months ago, my server started having all kinds of problems. I was on their highest managed services plan for my dedicated server… but never once did they notice my server was unresponsive without me having to call in or submit a ticket.

    Several times in a ticket I had to go over the same issue that I started the ticket with because it got handed off between techs and they didn’t read the full ticket… not a huge deal but its pretty time consuming for me to have to re-explain things. Luckily I got a really cool tech named Jay who would babysit the dying server as best he could. Unfortunately it took nearly 2 months to get a working server (it was a crazy problem) but by then my clients were angry and I had to refund a bunch of money. After the server was fixed – it crashed 2 more times and no one at HV noticed and I was out for an extended time. When I got back my voicemail and email boxes had a bunch of messages and well, the main accounts had decided to fire me as their host.

    I lost all but 1 of my paying accounts. With that I basically had to shut down that operation and helped move those accounts to their own thing.

    The really irritating thing was that I prepay every 6 months of service and still had nearly 3 months pre-paid on the account. I had never once been directed to their refund policy. I can't imagine a company billing me for a service they arent performing especially since they can resell that server. Of course they were happy to cancel my account but not about to give me a pro-rated refund. I could see not giving me a refund on the current month but to take the money for unused months and cancel my server was a bit on the uncool side since I tried to explain to them that I was pretty happy up until I lost all my accounts. But that wouldn’t mean that I wouldn’t be back. I was truly happy with Jay in support… I just am really disappointed that they have such an iron fist on refunds especially with customers who had been loyal and even recommended them as often as I could.

    I received no benefit from pre-paying so my advice to you is – if you do use HV – DO NOT pay anything but month to month to minimize any potential loss if you have to cancel. Also, don’t count on their managed services to catch if your server goes down… but once it does people like Jay in support are good to have around.

    I have been asked if I would recommend them as a host. That’s a hard thing to answer. If you are server savvy (I’m not) then maybe… but if you need more then I would probably pass on using Hivelocity... thats what I would say if I had to do it over again. Again - don't prepay any more than you have to.

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    "I received no benefit from pre-paying so my advice to you is – if you do use HV – DO NOT pay anything but month to month"

    Did they give you a discounted price?

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    I'm sure they would give you account credit if you ever decide to get another server. If not, take it to court.
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    Hivelocity experience from a 1 month customer

    We picked up a server with these guys a few weeks back, and the first week was a nightmare.

    1st, I ordered 1GB ram and when they turned it over to me it only had 512MB. Well, this was blamed on hardware error. Some quality control checks could have avoided this. Like running a hardware verification before turning equipment to a customer, or running 'free' after the machine boots. This was resolved in about 6 hours. All in all I was still satisfied.

    2nd, A day later the machine started reporting IO errors in the message log indicating a bad hard disk. Note, this system was running FC5 at this point. 6 hours later hard disk was replaced and system had been re installed.
    I logged in and noticed disks were not partitioned properly (only 19GB usable), and to top it off it was now running FC4.

    Another incident, another server reinstall, another day later and I had my ordered machine.

    In review, ordered a server on Nov 13th, had a working server by Nov. 18th.

    It has now been 20 days, and the machine is still running.

    It was just painful, and I would not like to do it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by music
    Did they give you a discounted price?
    No, they did not give me a discounted price. It was just easier to pay twice a year for me.

    I re-read my post and I was probably a little too nice. I had many problems over the course of my service but I dunno... I guess I am getting madder now that they are keeping my money... when I requested the cancellation and a partial refund... I wasnt sure on the policy... so they processed the cancellation request and said no refund. I would have just kept the server until my time was up.

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    Do they have a TOS with a refund policy that was used during your signup?

    If they have it in their terms, you might be out of luck. You do have the time available, though, and might be able to swap the server out in the offers forum. Maybe you'll take a loss dollar for dollar on the last three months, but at least you will get *something*.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caronet
    Do they have a TOS with a refund policy that was used during your signup?
    I didnt get anything like that from them. They have redesigned their site since then... I guess they added it at some point. I was never told about it then... again completely surprised that they would keep the money when they arent providing a service.

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    I would suggest you complaint this with their senior admin.

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    there idea of titanium server management seems odd. Seems like they provide lots of utililities for YOU to keep eyes on your, but very little proactive support from themselves. Seems more like a Priority Support as opposed to Managed Solution. but again, i guess these things need to be read.

    Managed SLA

    HiVelocity Managed Servers get special priority on all issues relative to the customer's server. We offer a wide range of managed services which vary in cost depending on the level of management you require. Please refer to our Managed Server Pricing Matrix for information on services offered and guaranteed. In the event HiVelocity falls short of its priority support guaranteed time frame, a credit of 5% will be placed on the customer's account. You can view what is included with each level of our managed services here.

    Network SLA

    HiVelocity is committed to providing a standard of service and reliability unparalleled in the hosting industry. HiVelocity guarantees network uptime of 99.9%. The HiVelocity Data Center uses redundant Cisco and Foundry components to eliminate any single point of failure. Our network is multi-homed through redundant high-speed carriers which results in you, the customer, always being able to count on fast and reliable connectivity to our network. Our Data Center is outfitted with redundant HVAC, Battery Power and Diesel Generator Power to ensure uptime in any situation. HiVelocity maintains low overall network utilization at all times providing durability during any large internet routing issues such as a DDOS or DOS attack. The HiVelocity Data Center is ultra-secure with only HiVelocity employees having access to any of our server rooms. In the event a customer needs personal access to their server they will be escorted to their server by a HiVelocity technician or Account Manager who will assist and monitor activity. Access to our facility is only granted via employee key cards.

    HiVelocity guarantees the uptime of its network 99.9% of the time excluding scheduled maintenance. In the event any customer experiences anything less than 99.9% uptime of the HiVelocity Network a credit will be added to the account upon request. Network downtime is defined as the inability to transmit or receive data due to the failure of HiVelocity owned network equipment. HiVelocity will provide a 5% credit to the affected server or shared account for each hour of downtime beyond 0.1% per month. No customer may receive credits totaling more than one month of service per affected server or shared account. Downtime is measured from the time a trouble ticket is opened by the affected customer to the time Hivelocity determines the issue to be resolved, excluding scheduled maintenanance.


    Their network SLA therefore states no more than 45 minutes per month on average.

    And finally on their billing policuies apge.

    .0 Refund Policy

    A. Refunds within the First 30 Days of Service

    If an account is cancelled within the first thirty (30) days of service (excluding dedicated servers and colocation) the customer will receive a full refund of all account fees, including set-up fees provided:

    1. The account is not a resold account;
    2. The account has not been suspended for violations of the Acceptable Usage Policy;

    No refunds of Dedicated Server monthly service charges or setup fees.

    Refunds will be credited to the credit card on file or paypal account used to order service ,or a check will be mailed to clients paid by check or money order. Accounts due a refund will be refunded within (60) days of cancellation, no exceptions.

    B. No Refunds Outside of the First 30 Days does not offer refunds for services after the initial thirty (30) days of service. HiVelocity does not issue prorated refunds for prepaid service.

    So for the most part you are out of luck. When your server 'went down' their pinging system should detect it ( if the server was up but not working right, that doesnt mean down, unless one of the monitored services you configured stopped responding )

    Upon detecing you wuld be notified. it is then up to you to check out the situation and if required submit a ticket requesting support which is then given priority ( response within 30 minutes guranteed ). Any task identified by them subsequently in order to fix your issue is then supposed to be carried out at your request with a maximum labour time of 4hours per month.


    Nice idea of 'top managed service' @ $199 / month lol
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    They changed a lot of that stuff after I signed up.... so when I cancelled they pointed me there but they didnt saymost of that when I signed up - I saved all my email communication and sign up agreement.

    I think the point is... regardless of my situation. Everyone should be aware of these policies and lack of proactive support. DO NOT use anything but month to month when paying for their service... if you even choose to use them.

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    i also had a very bad experience with them 2 months ago, i had a 3.0 Ht procesor with 2 GB ram, linux based server, server was setup well, and i also use Platinumservermanagement for my server management.

    After a few days i noticed that all sites on my server went down again and again, but server (Apache) showed that that it was up since many days. means server was not getting down instead there was problem somewhere with there network, My Clients started to complain again and again about that issue, it was like the site was Unaccesable sometimes in Pakistan, at the same time not working in USA, and when working for USA visitors , pakistani users were unable to access, and when i went to and tried to ping my server it showed 1-2 pings and than timout again pinged successfuly than again timeout... means Pings were unsuccessful and there was you can say 50% Data Packet loss, not sure the problem was with servers Internet Service Line or there whole network. I complained them about that, they said its working fine for them, i asked my manement server provider (Platinum Server Management) they checked my server settings and told server was Sell setup and no problem is in settings.

    Than i thought there was no solution except to move over. Now i have moved over to SoftLayer and i must say they have the Best server (Support + Latest Network Services) they are simply very advanced and offer services like Realtime Bandwidth Stats, Auto REBOOTS (incase server does not respond to pings in 5 minutres) so its totally tension free solution...

    So i just wanted to inform a Bad experience i faced with HiVelocity...

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    It seems like more and more people are getting the same kind of a deal at HV.

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    We have been with HV for 4 or 5 years and have had excellent service, response time to issues and of the course the value is unmatched. I have not even considered another sevice since we started with them.

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    I have been with HV for many years and have not ran into the issues that many people have been posting. Just like any hosting company you are going to run into some kind of problems. What has impressed me with HV is that they have taken care of any problems or issues I have had promptly and courestly. Keep up the great work.

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    It's weird how some people can have no problems and other have a ton of problems. You guys are lucky, but I would like to see your experience if you actually do run into a serious problem... maybe thats the difference.

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    I have a nice experience with them (shure !! hahaha) I ordered a server, I waited 2 days, I cancelled it by mail but oooppsssss "they seem that only gets sales emails, not cancelation mails" not even on the same persons email account, so they spend a week to give a server I never wanted/used after, and they charge me offcourse, $180 losted because of their no return policy, I just can´t sue them because I´m latin america and I don´t know anything about USA laws...

    a curious thing was that they charge me "automaticaly by error" another month
    after the server was canceled, but they´ve returned that money after chat with like 4 different persons, the most odd and funny thing
    is that I´m still getting emails from their support telling me of their "network upgrades, Maintenance windows, etc", they really suck...

    so I quickcly go to Softlayer payed for a better server and in 2 hours was online,
    I have the greatest experience with them...

    sad but true....
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    Thank you very much for your info.
    I had the same experience at

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    really? SL doesn´t charge me automaticaly, I have to make payments manually through there control panel

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    Quote Originally Posted by thespin
    They changed a lot of that stuff after I signed up.... so when I cancelled they pointed me there but they didnt saymost of that when I signed up - I saved all my email communication and sign up agreement.

    I think the point is... regardless of my situation. Everyone should be aware of these policies and lack of proactive support. DO NOT use anything but month to month when paying for their service... if you even choose to use them.
    I put on my detective hat and checked the history of their billing policy on wayback machine. The clause "HiVelocity does not issue prorated refunds for prepaid service." seems to have been added around Nov 2005. The clause is not present on Apr 03, 2005 but appears on Nov 22, 2005.

    The right thing to do would be to refund you if you signed up before Nov 2005. When did you sign up?

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