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    anyone using


    I would like to hear some feedback from those using for CC processing..??

    how are they, are they worth going with...??

    Guess they have their payment gateway...!

    thanks for any input


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    Wow...they are expensive!

    9%-15% processing fee! That is too much in my opinion and i'll bet i'm not alone in this. I would suggest, they charge about 5.5% and a small setup fee. We use them and they have been great.

    Dude, steer clear of that 15%!

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    I see and read a lot of people complaining about u still think, its worth going with them ???

    icbill, other than their rates/charges, whats ur feedback on them..??

    I would appreciate if anyone using them give some input here !

    thanks much

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    Come on people, because I want to know about them too.
    Santiago Yajan Cruz
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