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    UK2.Net Billing Department Please Respond

    I've signed up for the 99p promotion Nov 13th of 2006. I finally got the email of server information 7 days later ( Nov 20th ). So I reply and tell them this lack of support is unbeliable and ask for a cancellation on my server.

    7 Days later no response, I sent in another email, 7 days later again, no response. 7 Days later i realize my account was charge $152 and some change...

    I went to live chat 2 days ago on and ask where do I ask for refund, they said [email protected].

    I emailed them and I got responded with 2 failed quieries reply after I sent mail, but then the 3rd time it went through and I got an email receipt back on the ticket.

    It's been 2 days I still haven't got an reply from any of them, kind of frustrated on this issue.

    So I'm posting here hopefully to get an response from one of the UK2 reps regarding my issue.

    The ticket # is[#LFY-660548] ( sent to billing ).

    Please Respond, thanks.

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    I will never deal with a specific problem in a public forum, but send me a mail with your details (ditlev*at* and I will look into it for you.

    Billing/Sales does not work weekends, but you will get an answer monday.

    Ditlev Bredahl. CEO, & + &

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    I have almost the same problem, please read my story about UK2Net;

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