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    1 set of nameservers

    Hi everyone again here is a question i dont know the answer to

    Ok so say i had like 10 servers and they all had cpanel installed on them and about 15 customers on each. How would i configure the servers to all point to one set of nameservers so the customers didn't have to bother about setting on domain on one server to ns8 and ns9 and on another to ns6 and ns7 - they just had to set there domains to 1 set of NS ns1 and ns2.

    I know its something to do with clustering (i think) would i just have to add the servers together in clustering in WHM or is some sort of external DNS server needed?

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    WHM has built in functionality for this. You'll need to configure your primary and secondary nameservers on each of your machines to point to your main DNS server. You'll also need to cluster them.

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    Go to and do a search for "DNS Cluster". The capability exists, and it works pretty well.
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