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    Unhappy RDNS record changed for 36 hours but still invisible, normal??


    My DC told me that they have changed the Reverse DNS record to my own host name 36 hours ago, however now when I do a nslookup from both my local PC and my server, the results are the same: still showing the old RDNS record.

    I have also tried tons of locations at for tracerouting to my host name, but all of them are sticking to my old RDNS record.

    I want to know if this is normal? It usually takes only 5 hours (some time immediately) for me to see Nameserver changes to come effective, how come this RDNS thing needs so long time to propagandize? I'm waiting for this to continue troubleshooting the email issue on the server, because email accounts on this server are not working, they can't send, neither to receive.

    Thanks for your info!
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    Please contact the DC and request the result of rdns from the machine it was set

    dig -x ip
    host ip

    (Ip is the one which is assigned to you)
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