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    37 how to login to my vps???

    hi dudes,

    i got a VPS from its the L1 for 19.90Euro/month.

    i got my e-mail today that the server is activated with my ip, root, password.

    i can ping the ip but i cant login to the server, only open ports are smtp(25) www(80) pop3(110).
    there is no SSH port open, or any other control panel port....neither there is an login on their website to any controlpanel like easyspeedy...

    someone knows what to do now? thanx

    btw, support call does not respond...

    here is the mail:

    Betreff: RE: You have a new subscriber to LINUX L1 500MB


    You linux vps server has been activated

    user: root
    pass: ********
    ip 193.74.*****

    Please note: it's not allowed to use this server for bulk/mass mailing

    Met beleefde groeten,

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    How their client managed the server? just order a server and do nothing?

    Try to phone them,I guess that SSH port blocked by fireware.

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    All you can do is keep trying the support.
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