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    Media Temple Update (GMR v.1.1)

    Just wanted to start a new thread on the Media Temple Grid Server now that they have done their major update (GMR v.1.1). Supposedly it was completed last night starting at around 11:30PM. According to their official statement:

    "These upgrades will result in significant, highly awaited improvements to overall (gs) Grid-Server performance and stability."

    For anybody with active sites on the Grid, please let us know if the MySQL slowdowns, the downtime, and instability and all of other problems have gotten better. I was in the process of moving several sites there but pulled back for obvious reasons. I still have my account but have only a single Joomla site loaded there that gets 0 traffic - it is just a default install of Joomla with no content.

    Here is my limited report based on that one site:

    - The MT Control Panel does not seem significantly faster but is fast enough

    - My site is up and no downtime today that I've seen, but seems to be running a bit slow. Not slow as molasses like it has in the past, but not blazing fast either like it has been at times when the Grid is running smoothly. The Joomla backend is a heavy MySQL app, and I would currently call it "acceptable" performance but not great.

    Anybody with larger, more active sites that can share any reports? I've very curious how this works out because despite all of the troubles I'm still hoping that MT can get it together and that I can someday move larger, higher traffic sites over to the Grid.

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    their site really slow ATM in Asia

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