Ok - trying to find the right shopping cart software for my spam filtering business. Perhaps my situation is unusual so I'm looking for a specific set of fearures.

What I do is front end spam filtering. Email comes into my server, I clean it, and pass it on to their original server. I also do some web hosting and some email hosting. Many of my agreement are custom deals to accomodate special needs.

I am not selling items, I'm selling services most of which are recurring but some are one time charges. So I need to have a system that is very strong on the recurring billing side.

I do however have a number of standard packages so I want the custonmers to be able to enter orders online and buy products. I do need a domain list associated with each customer so that I can export that list of customer/domain associations to other software that will let them create personalized black/white lists for each or all domains that they control. In short - the cart has to be able to let me create custome customer fields that they can edit.

I laso need the ability to create a custom recurring billing as I make special deals with individual customers. As it turns out when it comes to spam filtering customers that there are a lot of unusual cumstances and I'm the kind of guy who like to figure out what the customer wants to buy and find a way to sell it to them. But most all of it is in the form of "I'll charge you X dollars per Period.

So I don't want to create an "item" for every custom charge. I just want to click on "custom" and enter the recurring amoutn and specify a period of monthly/quarterly/yearly and a start date. And I'd like to not be tied to beginnings of months so tht if someone signs up on the 19th they are billed on the 19th.

And - it has to be easy. I'm a moron, and I'm scared of accounting. I don't want to have to learn anything because my brain is so full that in order to learn something new I have to forget something to make room for it.

I would also accept a billing service rather than software installed on my system if it's done right.

I tried WHMCS yesterday but it's not for me. Good software, but I realized that it didn't do what I needed in my business. But it helped educate me as to what I do need.