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    Newsletter Suggestions

    I have looked around for a newsletter software that I can use on my site. I haven't found any good ones yet. Do any of you know of any good newsletter software that are free? Or is it best to pay for one and who do you suggest?
    I would like the newsletter to have the option to include the signup code to be put on multi pages. I would like the newsletter to also allow me to insert say {name} and that would be the subscribers name.
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    [url=]CCMail[/urlk] is a great simple alternative, though I don't think it is supported any longer; if you need customization or help with anything, you're on your own. Still, I've found it to be pretty solid.

    I'm using PHPList on a site with five separate Web sites on subdomains, each with its own newsletter. It works great, and it is very well supported. It's much more complicated to set up and maintain than CCMail, however.
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    Thanks for the two options.
    I think I will give phplist a try.
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    I've had some good luck with phplist myself, but haven't used it extensively. For the actual content of the email, it's a good idea to keep good values in mind, there are still standards, semantics, and accessiblity to consider when writing HTML Email.

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