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    Question Domain transfers in limbo

    I'm transferring a couple of domains from a Swedish hosting company to Namecheap. I contacted my host, got the EPP codes and then initiated the transfers at namecheap. I filled out the EPP codes and then confirmed the transfers (via the confirmation e-mail). I did this two days ago. The status for the transfer in namecheap's control panels says:

    "Transfer in progress for No known issues at this time."

    Fine, but what's holding up the transfer? Is Namecheap waiting for my existing host to do something (as in manually confirming) or are these transfers completely automated?

    I understand that 2 days isn't exactly a long waiting period, but I have stuff pending this transfer.


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    A transfer may take a week to complete, be patient

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    Sometimes we have a good thing and don't recognize it.


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