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    Question [Ask Exim] how to drop spam email and not bounce it?

    a lot of spam that come to my server are using fake email address and it's sent to email address which is not exist on my server. i already set :fail: on cpanel default address, so i believe that my customer didn't receive spam from non existing email addresses.

    but the problem is exim bounching the spam emails. because the spam emails is using fake email address. i'm afraid that my server's IP will get blacklisted because the spam email is attached on the bounce email sent by exim.

    another problem is if the user create a forwarder that forward all email to another provider, of course all spam email will be forwarded too. this can also make my server's IP being blacklisted.

    how can i configure Exim to:

    1. if the message are spam (scanned by spamassassin) and the recipient email doesn't exist, bounce only only the email's header without the message body.

    2. if the message are spam and the user set a forwarder to another email address, forward only the email's header without the message body.

    please help..


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    i still didn't get any answer for my question above, please help

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    try the official exim mailling list:
    Server Surgeon George
    Linux, BSD and Windows Administration Services
    Toll Free US 877-378-7436 International +1-213-291-9191

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