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    Cannot view my 2 websites :(

    Hey, I cannot access my two websites and niether can anyone else on the network (in a flat) yet others can from the outside, I can however ping both domain names and connect to the ftp fine. I have tried connecting to the domain name in IE, FF, and Opera, If I were with my iMac I would try Safari but its in for repair so has anyone got any idea how I can fix this? I could view the domain names yesterday fine.

    The domain names are: and
    The server isn't banned because I can reach other acounts on the server fine.

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    Humm, i see it just fine on my end

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    I can see aplusstyles but not

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    Both are fine on my end too.

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    both work for me. wish my page rank was as high as yours!

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    Having the same problem graham! All my sites dont work for me at home or at work. Help!

    Must be a server issue?

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    Both work fine
    1. 404 error : Apache/1.3.37 Server at bbdimension.comPort 80
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