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    My IP and bandwidth

    I have a webhost at the moment and the account is not blocking My IP address, so as I am working on the pages for a redesign I am clocking up loads of bandwidth. Is this normal? What is the industry standard, or does it vary? Should my own use of my website count towards my bandwidth allowance?

    Many thanks

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    Of course it would count, but I can't see how it would be a problem?

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    Why wouldn't it count? That's like saying because you lease a grocery store you should be able to grab whatever you want off of the shelves without paying for it.

    The grocery store being the webhosting plan and the food being the bandwidth.

    If you don't want to rack up bandwidth, there's a neat project called Xampp which will install pretty much everything you would ever need to run a webhost-like environment right off your home desktop.

    You can find it here -
    PDC Lan Webhosting
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    I use Wamp but I imagine Xampp is the same thing.

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