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    * directi needs witnesses signature to setup reseller account???

    never saw this befor...
    directi needs witnesses signature to setup reseller account.....

    so i need to ask my employee to confirm this agreement... that's crazy...

    They will ask more $$ a month to do this... hehehe...

    Dont' think anyone will cofirm with his signature as witness for such as this..

    Anyone has a reseller account yet with directi ?

    Is there another good low cost reseller account with another domain registrar? without all this hassles..???

    I need a good control panel for domain registration (e.g. opensrs) but under $7.80/y


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    I understand what they are trying to do, but hope they aren't under any illusion

    I understand the motive behind the witness-to insure its really you signing. Just haven't figured out how they can tell that the witness isn't also a forgery. Personally, I think they ought to require much more as resellers do have considerable capability of fraudulent activity and damage to both customers and the registrar.

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    Dont' think anyone will cofirm with his signature as witness for such as this..
    I dont see what the problem is, a witness is just verifying that you are the person who is actually signing the document. It is not like a guarantor or anything like that. The witness is not likely to incurr any responsibility, and I have never encountered the slightest problem ever, when asking someone to witness my signature.

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    I'd like to introduce a new, amazing and never-before-contemplated concept into this discussion. It's hard to pronounce, so I'll just spell it out to make it easier:

    N - O - T - A - R - Y
    P - U - B - L - I - C
    Gregg L. DesElms

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    LOL @ Gregg!

    Well a lots of these convoluted procedures with dorecti have to do with the convoluted laws of my land!

    A functioning anarchy called a government..
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