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    Registrar's DNS service for my VPS?

    I'm wondering is it possible to use RegisterFly's DNS server for my VPS.
    I only have 1 website on the VPS, but I want to increase the reliability of my site overall and thought if it were possible to give the DNS operations to my Registrar, who probabily really does have seperate DNS servers, this would be a good move. Since it would allow me to disable BIND (freeing up resources/memory), and put the DNS operations to quite possibly a more reliable set of servers (since my 2 DNS servers are actually just my 1 VPS)

    What are the Pros/Cons of this type of arrangement?

    So I need to know, can it technically be done, and what zones entries I need to create.

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    You mean you use Registerfly's DNS for your domain name and create A-records,
    MX records, etc. within their DNS manager?

    You can definitely do those. But one catch is that you're at their mercy if, knock on
    wood, something bad happens to their DNS.

    Depending on how light or severe, resolution might take long. And pressuring 'em
    to fix it instantly won't necessarily work.

    I'd say it's a question of how much control you're willing to give and take. If you
    really want to free up your VPS, then another option is to use 3rd party DNS that's
    pretty much established (e.g. zoneedit, dyndns, etc.).

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    interesting point... so do people consider RegisterFly's DNS Service/Servers reliable at all? or what? How about any Registrar's complimentary DNS? Are those usually for small sites/ones that aren't 100% uptime critical?

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    Your guess is as good as mine.

    Personally, I only use a registrar for domain names and other companies for other
    services (e.g. for DNS, stackedtech for hosting, etc.). Although it gives
    me many companies to contact for troubleshooting, at least no one has full control
    over every aspect of it for safety and security reasons.

    In this case, I normally don't use a registrar's DNS service unless I'm satisfied from
    my independent research after a period of time. Namecheap's the only exception I
    have made so far, but it's for a not-so urgent use.

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