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    Selling a Hosting Account - Is it possible?

    This my third thread in just a couple of hours

    I'm thinking of going from mediatemple to hostgator. I'm yet to get a response from mediatemple regarding my cancellation questions.

    I was wondering, if I can't cancel my $200 Grid-Server mediatemple account, then would it be possible to sell? Only one month has been used and so I'd probably sell it for about $100-$120 so the buyer saves about $60 or something. Would that be possible if someone was willing to buy it? Would there be any problems with that?

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    I guess selling a hosting account would be like selling (transferring) a dedicated server. So it should be ok. Though you'd be better off checking with MT about this. But if they have not responded to your cancellation questions, they may not answer this question either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rois
    But if they have not responded to your cancellation questions, they may not answer this question either.
    Well I only just asked the cancelation question . Mediatemple only have support between the standard american work hours, so that's quite crappy. I guess I'd have to makesure the person I sell the account to can't use my paypal account or anything else that is attached to the mediatemple account.

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    You'd probably have to see if they allow some sort of transfer rather than giving that person your account directly. That would be the best option instead of possibly leaving your PayPal account open to their access.

    Transfers do tend to cost a bit of money, though...depends on the host.
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    Check with their TOS
    Security measures have been put in place to insure the safe cancellation of all customer related services. In the event that a Service or Account needs to be closed, customers may contact the cancellation desk by phone (877-578-4000) Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm. An email confirmation system will be used in conjunction with the AccountCenter to insure that cancellations are legitimate. Requests to close by FAX, or email are not accepted.
    Do you have any clients right now that you need to move? If so you should do this so that it is as seamless as possible to them.

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    I'm currently in contact with their tech support. One email per day is all I get as I'm in australia so the timezones are all out - makes contacting support 'very' annoying. A company of their size should really have 24/7 support and not this '9am to 5pm' ********.

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    I see no problem with it.

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    So you wanna wake up in the middle of the night to call your webhosting company Josh? That's quite odd, now isn't it?
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