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    cPanel help

    Sorry for asking stupid questions, but I just created my own website (it's for personal purposes only).

    How do I create my pages? I don't even know how to set up my index. Yeah, there's a 'website builder', but that's just a cheesy template producer. I'm competent in HTML and photoshop, but I don't even know where to begin in cPanel.

    I'm overwhelmed by all the new lingo.. Is there a website any of you can refer to so that I have a good understanding of what everything does?

    At the very least, I just want to create a simple index for my website ( with something like HTML. I don't want to use website templates. Thanks!

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    Make your pages on your local computer, and then upload to the newly created account using FTP. You don't really need Cpanel for that unless you use it to upload (slow and cumbersome). To make your "index" just name the first page you want visitors to see in a directory "index.html".

    Upload it all to "public_html", and you're all set.

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    I suggest you download a Browser called Mozilla - not to be confused with Mozilla Firefox. It has a built-in Web page creator that allows you to create Web pages same as a Word docuement -- with correct coding to boot. Then you simply upload your Web page and away you go. - for all your Hosting needs
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    Thank you so much! I finally understand at least the basics ^^.

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    There are alot of cPanel tutorial websites out there. Just google "cpanel tutorial"

    I kinda remember there being something of a site builder in Fantastico, but as you say...they are usually a bit cheesey.

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