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    ev1 unpluged my server for more than 36 hours unplugged my server for 36 hours already.

    All they say is "investigation" .. Does anyone has the same experience..?

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    Have you tried asking them why or perhaps giving them a phone call? Perhaps they are seeing abuse reports about your box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lokman unplugged my server for 36 hours already.

    All they say is "investigation" .. Does anyone has the same experience..?
    I can see "Investigation" lasting 24 hours at most .. 36 is absurd. Tell them you want the server reconnected or some indication of what the problem is.

    It could be that someone was able to infest your server with a nasty through a weak script and it's hurling spam throughout the internet. At the least, however, they can give you a synopsis of whatever complaint they received, or their reason for disconnecting it to begin with.

    Larger DC's these days have been treating people like cattle. This is a good example. Good luck in getting a resolution to this! Keep the thread posted with what went on so others can hear of your experience. You have a right to know whats going on with your box!

    There is one (and only one) reason I can think that you'd be intentionally kept in the dark .. perhaps someone (maybe a re-seller) is hosting a terrorist site? Perhaps not even knowing it? In that case the FBI would tell them to say nothing , and its up to the FBI to finish investigating before you know. I think, howevr after 36 hours .. you'd have either seen the men in black or gotten a reply from EV1.

    Best of luck

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    They should be able to give you an indication of what they're investigating. Depending upon the severity of the abuse complaint, they may have good reason to investigate -- and it may take more than one business day.

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    What methods have you used to get in touch with them? They should provide you with an explanation as to what exactly they are investigating.

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    That's strange indeed. The only thing I can think of is there was some kind of illegal content on the server. They may have been asked by law enforcement agencies for help.

    I'm only guessing though and I have no idea of your rights. Not sure how American Law works on this kind of thing.
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