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Thread: 512 Ram Enough?

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    512 Ram Enough?

    Hey all,

    I am looking at a Windows 2003 based dedicated server and am wondering if 512 ram would be enough. I'll be hosting about 10 sites on it which recieved about 25,000 uniques a month and using MSSQL Express...

    Will 512 be enough for smooth operation or should I go with 1 Gig.

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    I would definitely go with 1gig
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    512M is not enough with WIN, you must go with 1G+, win need more memory for itself.

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    Thanks all,

    I will definatly go with 1G

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    Not to beat the dead horse, but you're looking at 1gig min. Check your swap or pagefile or whatever it's called under windows to see if it's swapping, in that case you may want to add even more RAM.
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    If it is low-end server, 512mb ram is ok.
    1gb+ ram is preferably better


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    I think it depends on which version of Win2K3 you are going to install like Enterprise or Web Server or what ever. The different version need more available RAM since Windows is a resource hog anyways.

    I would how ever go with 1 GB either way. If you are using one of the smaller versions on Windows than you could get away with 512MB.

    It will run better with 1GB though.

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    i recomend you to go with 1gig , you willl avoid many problems

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