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    need forum software suggestion

    i am looking for forum software for a non-profit org. we are not looking for a ton of features, but something very important is to match sure there is a way to restrict or filter foul language...which is important as a non-profit charity...any suggestions for software.

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    Great forum software, and best of all it's free!

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    Hi technie,

    Go with SMF. This is by far the next popular free forum software after phpbb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexxa

    Great forum software, and best of all it's free!
    I second that! MyBB is very good. Template system is unbeatable, love it.
    hi there!

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    SMF php and data structure is very good and clean. I use to use phorum and phpbb. PHPbb hopefully will be releasing a new version soon that is seems pretty good and finally you can create subforums without hacks. Phorum is pretty basic but it's easy to integrate into different cms. SMF I believe you can create subforums with standard install.

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    will any of these software have features that will restrict types of words that can be posted to a forum?

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    i would suggest phpbb then mate its free and has features which u can customise

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    according to me mybb is best,fast,reliable
    (More than 800 readymade scripts)

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