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    Directi With WHMCS

    Hi All,

    I'm going to open up an account with WHMCS and when you purchase there software you get a free Directi account. Is this a good idea? I can't really see any other way I could get a free reseller account with a registra. Are Directi any good?

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    A few places offer free reseller accounts, enom and directi would probably be the biggest two. A lot of registrar have accounts for resellers as well Moniker, Fabulous, etc.

    While I don't have much personal experience, their CEO Bhavin Turakhia is quite well known an respected as far as I've seen. Their LogicBoxes solution seems to be quite poular for smaller registrars, I have a friend using their system so it cannot be that bad.v I would perhaps just try and register for an account there and checkout the features first, not sure how WHMCS integrates with it and where you would manage from so it may not even be an issue, but it can't hurt to spend 30 minutes looking around, maybe test out their support, ask some questions.
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    i have set this up on my WHMCS and i paid for .info only $1.79 and i think its $8 for all the other TLD but it works really well as long as you have founds in your Directi customer account you will be ok i tryed registerfly as well but that did not seem to work. The thing i like about WHMCS is poeple can buy names and its all registered in there name and in there control panel they have the option to change there dns settings to point else were this is good as people will come on your site just to buy domains

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    With WHMCS, is the account completely free to open right and if its free do you have to like continuesly pay money or its free the whole way?

    Also, i saw this on another domain reseller site. What is a slab for domains. is it the cost you must pay for each domain you sell? or is it hte required cost to sell domains?
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    I'm a directi reseller also, and free accounts are 'free', you only have to pay for the domains you register, but you have to pay them in advance, you add funds to your account, and every registration made by your customers is deducted from those funds.

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